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iPhone X logic board repair

iPhone X logic board repair

If you are looking for someone who can repair the motherboard, you are in the right place.

Recently, we fixed a lot of motherboard problems with the iPhone X. Most customers said it died suddenly for no reason.

Usually, most people go to the apple service center first. But then Apple center tells you that it's the logic board (motherboard) problem that they can't repair. They can only offer you replacement products of the same model at the price of rm2600. But to do this, make sure that all your data on your iPhone will be lost.

That's why you need someone who can fix the motherboard. Real repair art, not substitute art. However, finding a capable person is not as easy as you think. By reading this article, you can avoid further damage to your iPhone and save it.

Popular iPhone x logic board issues

It's not just the iPhone X that has this problem. It also happens on the iPhone XS or 11 pro. Because they all share the same PCB design.

Unable to start up (no water damage, suddenly without reason. Unable to detect USB or charging)

IPhone x is stuck in Apple logo / startup loop (how to solve the startup loop problem)
Random restart (restart in a few minutes)


IPhone x touch failed (not LCD issue)mobile phone repair course

Password cycle (enter password, then lock again, unable to enter IOS)

Unable to restore iTunes (error code or stuck waiting for iPhone)

Who is the iPhone x logic board problem sent to?

Prompt before sending to third party for repair.

In Malaysia, only a few qualified technicians can repair the iPhone X and newer models.
Why?cell phone tech training

They didn't wear gloves or antistatic equipment. If the face ID touches a sensitive area, they will disappear.

I saw countless iPhone x screen repairs on the street, and face ID died due to improper operation.

The iPhone x is a two-tier motherboard that comes together. Special tools and training are needed.