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Circuit Board Repair Methods - Visual Inspection

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Abstract: In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment has been continuously improved, so the number of PCBs in various industries has continued to increase. Once the industrial control board fails, the cost of replacing the circuit board is high. ... , has also become a headache for enterprises. So, do you know how to repair circuit boards? What are the circuit board repair procedures? FS Technology will explain to you the method of visually inspecting the pcb circuit board


When FS Technology receives a board for repair, the first thing we do is take a good look at what it looks like. If the board catches fire, please make sure the power circuit is normal before powering on, and take precautions before powering on to avoid damaging the board. The observation method is a static checking method, and the following steps are usually followed when using the observation method:

Step 1: Remember whether the circuit board is artificially damaged, mainly the following points.
1 Check whether the FS Technology board is dropped, the edge of the card is warped or the card chip is broken or damaged.

2 Check whether the chip output is damaged due to lack of special tools.

3 Check the chip on the circuit board. If you have a plug, make sure you inserted the chip by mistake. This is mainly to prevent the operator from putting the chip in the wrong position or orientation while correcting us with the board. If the circuit board is not rectified in time when it is powered on, it may burn out the chip and cause unnecessary losses.

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4 If there are short clips on the circuit board, check for damage to the short clips.

Circuit board maintenance needs to have a solid theoretical foundation and work conscientiously and reliably. Under the circumstance of careful observation by maintenance personnel, the cause of the problem can sometimes be considered.

Step 2: Check if the objects on the board are burnt.
For example, if FS Technology resistors, capacitors and diodes are black or dark. Under normal circumstances, even if a resistor burns out, its resistance value will not change, its performance will not change, and it will not affect normal use. Here must be measured with a multimeter. However, when capacitors and diodes burn out, their performance changes and they cannot function as part of the circuit, thereby affecting the normal operation of the entire circuit. At this point, a new component must be replaced.

Step 3: Check the IC of the FS Technology Board
Such as: B.74 series, CPU, coprocessor, AD and other chips, whether there is bump, crack, burn or power failure. At that point, it's clear that the chip is basically burned out and needs to be replaced.

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Step 4: Check the PCB for signs of corrosion, burnout and damage.
Is the copper hole overflowing from the pillow?

Step 5: Check for blown FS Technology circuit board fuses (including fuses and thermistors).
Sometimes if the fuse is too small to see, you can use an auxiliary tool: use a multimeter to measure whether the fuse is blown.

The main reason for the above four situations is that the circuit current is too large. However, what is the specific cause of the current exceeding the standard, and the specific factors need to be studied in detail. But the general idea of ​​finding the problem is to first carefully look at the circuit diagram on the FS technology circuit board, then as a circuit with burned components, find the circuit above, deduce it step by step, and then calculate some experience to leave a profit in the work, analyze is the easiest. Where there is a problem, find out why the error occurred.