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Don't use jammers near self-driving cars

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 2. A self-driving car that was driving normally ran straight onto the curb within 30 seconds, and all the "high-tech" equipment such as the global positioning system (GPS) and lidar on the car failed. This is the video demonstration result of the autonomous driving simulation environment test research built by the research team of the University of California, Irvine: the multi-sensor fusion positioning scheme of an autonomous vehicle was attacked by "frequency jammer", causing the vehicle to lose control. This security flaw has sounded the alarm for manufacturers that have accelerated the commercialization of autonomous driving in recent years.

GPS hacking is a very real danger to self-driving cars. Handheld Cell phone signal jamming device are very portable and easy to order online. She reported that truck drivers often use jammers to pass GPS tollbooths for free. The safe driving of self-driving cars depends not only on the perception of surrounding obstacles, but also on the centimeter-level positioning of the vehicle on the map by the global satellite navigation system. Once the positioning is wrong, it will directly cause the self-driving car to rush off the road or drive in the wrong direction. The consequences could be disastrous.

GPS signals are easily collected and jammed. In real life, once GPS or positioning services are used, it is difficult to avoid the exposure of location information, and a large number of terminals will collect and upload information under unnecessary conditions. Once this information is collected, it is difficult to guarantee that it will not be leaked. Last year's uber tracking location time and smart bracelet leakage of running information incidents all illustrate this point.

"GPS jammer" is a common attack method that disrupts the positioning of self-driving cars. This type of attack method that sends false signals to terminals equipped with GPS sensors has been used on smartphones, drones, yachts, and Tesla vehicles. happened before. In this simulated environment experiment, the researchers launched the attack as a "white hat hacker". Shen Junjie said that in reality, the technical threshold for launching such an attack is not high, and the attacker only needs to have a self-driving car and a "GPS jammer" device to carry out the attack. Some low-end "GPS Tracker jammer" devices are available on the market for just over $200.

News on the afternoon of November 7th, although Tesla has been promoting its own self-driving technology, several self-driving accidents that have been exposed recently still make it controversial. This afternoon, V-Hacker, a car hacking training camp under the 360 ​​Auto Security Lab, gathered more than a dozen Tesla owners to demonstrate on the spot that under the interference of "wifi signal jammer", Tesla's autopilot system made mistakes in judging road conditions.

At the scene, Liu Jianhao, the head of the 360 ​​Auto Safety Laboratory and an information security expert, used jammer technology to interfere with Tesla's autopilot sensors after starting the autopilot function, causing the Tesla to directly hit a car that appeared 50 centimeters ahead. obstacle. According to Liu Jianhao, the Tesla sensor system requires the cooperation of multiple parts such as sensors, millimeter-wave radars, and cameras. "Blinding", false positives will occur.

We hereby appeal to everyone to use jammers correctly in accordance with the law in daily life, and not to cause social harm through illegal use.