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GPS jammers cause multiple planes to suddenly lose GPS signals

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It is no exaggeration to say that aviation aircraft all over the world are now using the GPS global positioning system to improve the safety of aircraft flight. With the accuracy of GPS, 24h work and stability, it can meet many needs of aviation aircraft. GPS communication, positioning, navigation, monitoring and other functions are necessary technical support for aviation. Not long ago, the crew of a civil aviation airliner who landed at Liuzhou Airport reported that when the plane was descending and preparing to land, the GPS signal began to receive radio interference about 8 kilometers above the runway, which turned out to be the fault of the signal jammers .

After receiving the complaint, the Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center dispatched monitoring personnel and mobile monitoring vehicles to carry out carpet radio monitoring and interference investigation on the area under the GPS interference route, and finally found out that the interference source was set up at the Liuzhou Power Supply Bureau on Ruilong Road. A GPS signal jammer in a second-hand car warehouse next to the Rabourg substation. Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center, Liuzhou Public Security Bureau Airport Branch, and Liuzhou Airport launched a joint operation to investigate and deal with the
cell phone jamming device illegally installed in the warehouse according to law. The Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center and the public security personnel conducted a preliminary interrogation and investigation on the warehouse owner. Afterwards, the public security police seized the GPS signal jammer according to law and brought the warehouse owner back to the public security organ for further investigation.

SEOUL, May 2 (Reuters) - South Korean officials said on Wednesday that as of the evening of May 2, more than 270 commercial aircraft of 18 airlines, including Japan Airlines, were confirmed to have GPS positioning errors. But because GPS is only used to assist flight, the flight is not affected by this. South Korean authorities are currently investigating the real cause of the interference. North Korea is the biggest suspect. South Korea's Ministry of Land and Ocean Affairs issued a statement on May 2, saying that North Korea suspected that North Korea had interfered with GPS radio waves from the Kaesong Industrial Zone to civil aviation aircraft at Incheon Airport and Gimpo Airport in the suburbs of Seoul, South Korea. North Korea has recently become hostile to South Korea. In mid-April, North Korea threatened to "turn South Korea into scorched earth" and said it would launch a cyber attack on South Korea.

Korean media claimed that 658 aircraft from South Korea, the United States, China, and Japan were interfered by North Korea’s GPS Tracker jammer . According to investigations, North Korea’s satellite positioning system (GPS) interference radio waves since April 28 have actually affected the navigation of aircraft from various countries in South Korea’s Incheon and Gimpo airports. It is understood that the US military aircraft stationed in Japan flying from Japan to China has also been affected. There are 658 civilian aircrafts from South Korea, the United States, China, Japan and other countries that have entered the influence zone of GPS jamming radio waves. A South Korean government official revealed that "four of them were interfered with by radio waves before landing, and landed through other positioning devices after cruise." At the same time, ships sailing on the west coast also encountered cross-traffic.

GPS signal jamming violates the Charter of the International Telecommunication Union, which prohibits confusion, and the Convention of the International Civil Aviation Organization, which guarantees the safety of civil aircraft navigation. Both the use and sale of Wifi signal jammer are illegal in the United States; while in the UK, intentional use of GPS jammers is illegal, but their purchase is not prohibited, and regulators are considering a ban. In the wrong hands, a jammer can be a weapon, as North Korea uses a larger version of its GPS jammer to block South Korea's GPS signals. In 2012, North Korea disrupted the GPS of 1,016 aircraft and 254 ships over a 16-day period.